The old adage still holds true today and is more relevant than ever.  Successful jewelers & manufacturers have something in common….they show their product often and do it well!  Poor quality video footage & jewelry imagery will do you more harm than good, you must put your best foot forward.  Every marketing message should generate interest and inspire your customers to act while buidling brand recognition.  4CMedia will provide you with proven marketing tools to position your business as a leader in the jewelry industry.

Retail jewelers

Our founders have spent over 20 years in the retail jewelry business while working as managers and store owners. We know your struggles and understand the challenges in creating affordable advertising & marketing campaigns. Our products for retail jewelers include stock jewelry footage, custom jewelry footage, full-length telelvision commercials, in-store display footage, infomercials and much more. Our design team can film your jewelry for you or create a custom television commercial using proven ideas that have made our founder one of the most successful stores in his marketplace. Call us today to find out how we can make your registers ring!

Vendors & Manufacturers

Retailers and Suppliers must form partnerships in order to thrive in this competitive landscape. Smart suppliers know that the road to success runs through the retail showroom, its important to make your retailers successful. Give them the the tools they need with high-value product video and television commercials! 4CMedia will film your products and create in-store video, Facebook clips, full length television commercials and web content. Your retail accounts can easily plug-in their store information to promote your products & their brand…its a total win-win! Call us today and we’ll create a custom marketing package that you can afford.

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